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Thread: Clulite Cluson 12v Batteries Not Charging

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    Clulite Cluson 12v Batteries Not Charging

    I have a Clulite Cluson with 2 batteries (one a spare) which has not been used for a while so in readiness for foxing, I switched it on, but no illumination. I then plugged it in to charge for 24+ hours using the the wall charger. When the wall charger is plugged in and switched on, the lamp illuminates, however, the battery is clearly not holding any charge as when the wall charger is switched off at the plug, the lamp does not illuminate.

    I used a 12v Battery charger to charge the spare, again for 24 hours, then put the 'charged' battery into the lamp and switched on. Again, dead as a dodo.

    Conclusion: both batteries are deep discharged.

    Question: are they recoverable, if so, how?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    Ive used a thing called voltage correction,a mate of mine bought it its not a actual thing its instructions on what and how to do things,you take your battery and flash it with a battery thats a third more powerful and alledgedly your flat or defunked battery springs into life,i did it with a old ryobi 18v battery and a bosch 24v battery and it did work the 18v holds and charges fine now,check out youtube theres loads on there about how to do it,it might help it might not,on another note i use rechargable torches in my job three on the go at once one wsnt charging or holding charge so i put it down to the battery as they get some hammer anyway another one died and wouldnt charge but the charger was lit up i checked the output with a multimeter and there was nothing at the charging end 2 inch up the wire there was voltage the wire had broken internaly not at the plug into the torch,maybe you could check that as well if you already havnt.

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