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Thread: Stalking and foxing Permission, 12 miles west of Stirling

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    Stalking and foxing Permission, 12 miles west of Stirling

    Located on a working sheep farm, 160 acres of farmland, including 5 woods (50 acres).
    Roe are very common on the ground, but occasional Redís are seen.
    The ground also hosts part of a Pheasant syndicate so there will be no shooting allowed on several Friday/Saturdays during Nov - Jan. Dates will be advised.
    Zeroing and target practice allowed.
    Fox permission included.

    Initially offered 1st Apr 16 to 31st March 17. Renewable by agreement. Insurance required. DSC preferred, or other suitable stalking experience.

    PM, with your e-mail address, for details.

    I will provide the price to those who enquire but please no disappointed posts, the land has to earn its keep (the sheep don't do it on their own!). Plus this is not for a syndicate share, it is whole exclusive rights to you.


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    Great offer but too far me good luck to those how get it

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    I have had a large number of replies and have replied to most, but a quite a number have not included email address for reply
    I have also not replied any anonymous enquiries

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    seems like an open and honest offer for somone good luck to whom ever gets it and i hope they deserve it

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    Hi qwerty

    How did the stalker get on over the last 12 months as I think you mentioned last year the ground hadn't been shot for 10 years previously.

    I'm in a syndicate over that way and certainly Red around.

    PM if you would prefer.


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    hi iam very interested in your offer i am in stirling

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    Hi there, I am also interested in your offer.
    And located in Doune

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    Hi my e mail is stay in north lanarkshire thanks

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