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Thread: Stalking clothing (silent) for my son

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    Stalking clothing (silent) for my son

    I am looking for stalking clothing for my 13 year old son.Heís been asking to go stalking for a while now, but I canít find the same goodinexpensive silent clothing in his sizes. Has anyone got any ideas were I can find a smock for him, or hasanyone got any second hand clothing that there son has outgrown?


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    If you search fleabay for "Cadet Smock" or "Cadet Surplus" you'll find loads of cheap gear. A DPM smock will cost you about a tenner and it should suit your needs.

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    As above - get a DMP smock in the smallest size you can find and if you can manage it then Diver Dave does spray on waterproofing that will make it into a great, breathable, and very showerproof jacket with excellent pockets and all for a few quid.
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    My 13 year old son is six foot tall and wearing my gear, my boots are too small for him.....

    Try an agricultural supplier if you have one, you can get fleeces and coats pretty cheaply if you don't want army surplus.

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    EBAY. Look for Filson wool clothes. Some of the best stuff made, anywhere.

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    I have a some cammo gear that may be of use to him , can see what you think when i see you later in the year
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    Falljraven stuff. Bit expensive but you get what you pay for. Completely silent g1000 range. Beats all the rest hand down. You can even redress it with a wax block cost about 8 quid will last for years
    cheers Steve

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    wooly jacket and trousers ?

    a simple drab colour fleece would also be quiet

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    No point buying quality gear for them, they grow out of it to quickly. Army surplus is good enough and don't forget the gag! My kids are prone to opening their mouth at the wrong time

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