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Thread: .270 130 Gn Hornady Interlock SST??

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    .270 130 Gn Hornady Interlock SST??

    I was hoping to step in to the reloading world but think it may have to wait a while. I've been using Federal Powershock but was wondering if anyone has used the above factory rounds and their views on them, accuracy/effect on target etc? I'm just wondering how the factory load works as I'm aware if you push them too fast they will make a bit of a mess. They will mainly be used for Sika....hopefully!

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    I have used them before and my mate uses nothing else, we found them very accurate and effective better than Fedral in our rifles.



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    An Irish friend of mine uses 130gn Hornady SSTs exclusively in his .270 with astonishing accuracy - even pushed very fast indeed (3,300fps over 60 grains of N160) they don't appear to do too much damage. He uses them mostly for Fallow and Sika at home, although he's taken a large Kudu bull in Southern Africa with the same load.


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    Sounds interesting. Thar was it the factory loads you were using?

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    110g norma V max hornady,26 a box! Enough said!!

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    better than Interlock SSTs / heavy enough for a Sika Stag?!

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    Never used InterlockSSTs,was just giving my tuppence worth on the V Max Hornadys,the groups they shoot at 100 yards with a factory rifle with factory ammo is amazing!!I for one with my Sako and Norma set up shooting deer upto 250 yards will never think of homeloading or another brand untill they stop making them.Will not be a problem on Sika.

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    Thanks, am I right in thinking 110Gn is as heavy as the V-Max go? Anyone got any good tips on where to get some Hornady factory ammo in Dorset or is it only Sportsmans?

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    John March Firearms in Wimborne does Norma 110g V-Maxs in .270

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