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Thread: Installing a log burner in a static caravan. Any tips/suggestions

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    Installing a log burner in a static caravan. Any tips/suggestions

    Alright folks

    Just looking for any tips or advice for installing a log burner into a static caravan.

    I have stuck a pot bellied stove i our shoot caravan but it is a complete botch job but does seem to work very well and not burned caravan down, yet....

    Was thinking of lining surrounding area and cieling with fire retardant plaster board and then somehow leaving an air gap and using some proper fire board on top.
    1 corner is potentially near/throu the wall from the gas combi boiler for hot water, thought i could stick some insulation on wall below fire retardant plaster board just to be safe.

    Wot do u need in the way off flue pipe/set up?

    I realise need a selkirk/twin wall flue for last 2-300mm below caravan roof, how far above the roof do u need to go and if in an overgrown/bushy type area would u be better putting a spinner? on top to give more draw as might be sheltered from wind
    Wots the best set up internally? does having a 45/90 (2x45's) bend increase draw, is it better to put a T piece in so u can sweep it easily?

    thought about getting a pro to do it but reckoned could be up to 1500 quid which is twice wot i paid for caravan and that would buy u a lot of gas/leccy..
    Want the job done right but still wanting to do it as cheap as possible

    Cheers for any tips

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    why not then get a pro to give you a looksee for 50 as that cough in the night may just be your last one ??

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    dont bother condensation from a fuel burner will be horrendous ,a mate did it place was soaked in all the wardrobes ect I was going to i lived in mine for 5 yrs on the shoot and had electric oil rads in mine toast and dry
    just from my experience

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    Should be fine but put a vent in at low level and roof height. Cover any close surfaces in cement boarding and a concrete flag under the stove.
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    Carbon monoxide detector a must I think legally if 5kw or above you need a permanent vent, I'd put this as close to the burner as poss you don't want a draft. I have 2 in my house not noticed any condensation issues the moisture should all go up the flue. Can't offer any advice on flue height or heat proofing, you could get a company to quote and pick their brains then do it yourself they need to be hetas registered I think to offer it

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    My mate does that for a living, he installs woodburners , stoves, and fires etc...I'll ask him when we are out shooting at the weekend, and will report back...

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    Country boy, where are you based...?? if close to junction 35 m6 LA5 you can see some fitted in static caravans with no I'll effects. If want I can give you my number for advice as can be long winded via here. With what we've done reflects the heat back not causing the panels to warp.

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    If you decide to go ahead seriously consider Burley stoves, esp the Debdale 4kw. Absolutely brilliant and v efficient. I have one in my house best money I have ever spent on a fire.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	68625Hi, I did this about 2 weteks ago. I couldn't find any guidance online for caravans so I followed the guidance for boats and barges (google it).
    First I laid a fireproof hearth (slate) directly on to the caravan floor. Then I double lined the walls in the corner where I was fitting it with sheets of 12.5mm fireshield plaster board departed by 25mm spacers.
    For the flue, the first metre out of the stove should be single walled black vitreous enamel, then change to stainless steel twin wall. Mine extends 1 metre out of the roof and has a rain cap fitted. I avoided putting any bends in to make cleaning easier! I have absolutely no problems with draw through the stove and up the flue, and our caravan is also in woodland.
    I bought a Machine Mart Boxwood stove which is rated at 7.2Kw output, which is more than enough in our 37'x12' caravan. I think a 4-5Kw would be plenty!
    Fitting it has cured our damp and condensation issues instantly.
    As a point of interest, the complete flue, installed by me, cost about 30% more than the stove itself!
    Hope this is of some use to you?
    All the best!
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    We put a 5 kW Chinese heater in our static years ago it sorted all damp issues.We took the gas fire out and threw it because all you ever had was water running down the windows and walls. Last year we replaced the old static with another again the gas heater useless thing it was got thrown. We cut a hole twelve inches round and put our five inch pipe straight through the middle. Capped it with one of the new silicon stretch fittings that go over the pipe and has an alloy bead on the bottom that you glue down to the roof. Capped the flue with a witches hat to stop water. We used Indian stone under the wood burner and put the same on the wall behind. If you keep the flue strait it's much easier to clean. In the gap between the ceiling and the roof I used fire proof expanding foam but retained the three inch gap away from the flue all round. The fire draws superbly and heats our forty foot vans lounge and dining room really well. We have also fitted an eberspacker night heater that vents it's heat into the hall and adds heat to bedrooms this is s t to come on everyday for an hour and helps to keep the place from feeling damp. The ebersker runs on red diesel and be twenty litres lasts us for months. We have no power and used to run a generator but have replaced this with solar panels and batteries. Love it home from home

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