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Thread: Browning t bolt

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    Browning t bolt

    Has any one had issues with the trigger on a 22 rim fire t bolt rifle I've been told the trigger is plastic & not very good

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    Do a site search Tricky and I think you will find that a fair bit has been written on what is seen as the main niggle on these rifles.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Some people get on OK with them but it seems the majority find the trigger very heavy.
    AFAIK, adjustment down to sensible levels (i.e not mandated by US lawyers!!) is not simple or even possible without specialist knowledge and tools.



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    I get on fine with mine on a HMR, can seem a bit heavy at 100 yards on shooting paper, there is a Jard trigger kit supposedly on the way plus a simple fix to help get the adjustment working, seems the spring sits against plastic housing stopping the allen screw adjusting it at all, scraping away some of the plastic allows the screw to do what it is supposed to do, I may have a tinker with mine after I find a spring scales to measure the pull.

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    My T bolt trigger, even after it had been fettled by a gunsmith (the whole unit is indeed plastic) was still dreadfull. I got rid of the rifle in the end. I now have a savage with an acutrigger which is much better. It's a shame the T bolt's trigger is so bad as apart from that it's a great little rifle.

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