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Thread: factory ammo .243

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    factory ammo .243

    My rifle is a sako 243 i think its 1 in 10 twist and iam after a factory round suitable for roe deer please something around 24 a box.
    what sort of grain should i be looking at for a 1 in 10 twist rate.Any help aprreciated

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    I use a Sako Finnlight in .243 and its rather partial to Federal 80 grn.

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    I don't use factory ammo, and I am not sure whats available for .243 factory wise 80 g and 100 g certainly
    I have found that my sako.243 handles all bullet weights up to 100g with no problems.

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    I have a Sako 75 Hunter in .243" and use Norma 100 grain, shoots like a dream. Save your brass and sell it to reloaders to offset cost of ammo!

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    Chris. I have used Sako 90gr Gamehead in my 243 for about 5 years until I started reloading and found it an excellent round for roe. I have also used a box of Sako 100gr Gamehead to good effect on the roe. Rgds JCS

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    Friend has a Sako 75 in 243 with Sporter weight barrel - Shoots the Norma 100gn Softpoint into a very tiny group.

    Sako, Norma, RWS or Federal 100gn Softpoint bullet - all good ammo and with 100gn bullet you are also legal for all deer up here in Scotland. Which is the best for your rifle can only be determined by trying it. My Heym SR20 doesn't like the Federal, loves the RWS (3 rds touching if I do my bit) and with Norma, doesn't shoot quite as well, but more than good enough - well into an inch at 100yds - and think is a slightly harder bullet that penetrates a bit better than RWS

    2nd key point is find out what your local dealer stocks and sells most of and try that first. No point getting set up with one brand and then finding you can't buy it locally.

    Don't discount the cheaper brands - PMC or Privi - they seem to work and some on this forum swear by them.

    Don't get too hung up on cost unless you are shooting a lot of deer / foxes - use what works in your rifle.

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    Many thanks evryone ill buy a couple of those mentioned and gine them a go.

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