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Thread: Poll: hunters conserve wildlife

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    Poll: hunters conserve wildlife

    Reposted from elsewhere:
    Dear Friends and Colleagues:

    I am writing to ask you to help me stand up for our hunting heritage by voting in the affirmative in the poll found at the link below. This poll is connected to the upcoming public debate that will pit Field & Stream Magazine Editor Anthony Licata and I against HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle and Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA.

    This debate will take place on May 4th in New York City as part of the nationally syndicated radio program Intelligence Squared and will be aired on 200 public radio stations as well as webcast and podcast. The poll results will be part of the program and winning the poll is critical to putting these leading animal rights extremists on the defensive from the start of the program.

    You can be part of our eventual victory by voting in favor of the proposition “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” by clicking here.

    Participation in the poll is open to all so please vote even if you reside outside of the United States. Please also share this appeal with those in your network who you feel might be interested.

    As you can see from the number of votes already cast, animal rights extremists have already mounted a campaign to drive the poll in their favor. They have the momentum but we can take it from them and set the stage for Anthony and I to show the listening public how shallow and unethical the anti-hunting position is.

    Thank you for your help and for all you do to conserve our outdoor heritage.


    Catherine E. Semcer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H.O.P.E.)

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    Or the short version: please vote YES in the poll on whether Hunters Support Conservation.

    Go to the website
    Click on the "Cast Your Vote" link on the right hand side

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