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    Night force nsx

    Hi All, maybe some might be able to help. I have the above scope 5.5-22x56. It has the np-r2 reticule.
    Q. On the magnification ring there is a dot between the 11 and 12 setting. What is this mark for? I might add that I have this scope about 12+yrs now .
    On the bigger mag nsx models I have seen a random "R" on the mag ring . Any suggestion welcome thanks

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    Well now, my understanding is the R represents the suggested magnification setting for using the reticle to measure the size of the target compared to the actual size and work out the distance.

    Any other suggestions?

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    It will be something to do with what mag the reticule works at so you can half or double it depending on what may your at , it's the problem with sfp scopes
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    NXS reticles will work on 22x unless the maximum mag is 15x. If they are 15x then they will be true on that mag. I have the MOAR on a 22x so when it is at this mag every mark is 1MOA. On 11x then every mark is then 2MOA. You can use this to achieve correct hold off or hold over points of aim. I personally prefer to use the turrets for this. I just set the mag to suit the shooting situation. I have a old 15x NF model with the NP1-RR reticle and found it very good using the reticle for shooting at various distances

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    As stated, if the reticule is on the second focal plane then this will be the point where the graticules are at the correct scale.
    Most SFP scopes used to have the scale set at either the smallest magnification or around the X10 mag.
    Second Focal Plane reticules are quite popular in the US, something Iíve been able to understand for reticules with graticules.

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