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Thread: A Mission

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    A Mission

    A friend of mine and a member on here has just sent me an e-mail about a local Police authority refusing to grant him a variation from 6.5 x 55 to 7mm rem mag stating thats its too much gun for deer, he already has a 308 and several other weapons including a a newly granted slot for a 25-06.
    My first thoughts were to advise him to talk to BASC, but that soon turned to Sh*t when he relayed the response from them, he found help from the NGO in terms of a Barrister, who has given his advice and a letter FOC..

    While dismayed at response from BASC, I see a mission, should I get onto council and even If I do not! That we face these authorities head on with all the might that we can muster.
    No more fannying around, if a refusal if unfair and unfounded is given on Friday, then a court summons should be issued on Monday and if our subs have to go up to finance such actions then so be it!
    Costs should be sought, and a request for the removal of such a person if it is seen that they are unfit for office!
    This softly softly approach doesn't cut it for me, if you any thoughts the lets here them!
    While I support BASC for obvious reasons, I would no be adverse to lending support to any organisation that is prepared to stand and be counted!


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    IMHO that's exactly what our BASC subs should be used for.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Its time for BASC to stand up and be counted I understand they have a PR officer where is he? When I speak to the public 98% of them have never heared of the BASC its no good preaching to the people in the shooting world how much good work they do they have to get out in the real world and convince Joe public how much they do. We the BASC members have just spent hundreds of thousand of pounds on a new (PRESS centre) USE IT.

    Before anyone accuses me of having a go at BASC I am just stating what I think that we need to stop hiding and get out in the real world. On the June 13th I am putting my neck on the line by doing a gun dog display on my shoot for Farm Sunday to the public not to shooting people and Ben Bradshaw from BASC is bringing a display its a start now we need the rest of BASC to pull there fingers out and get involved.

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    This chap appears to have quite a few larger calibre rifles as it is, more than adequate for deer in this country.
    Would the Police not contemplate changing their mind and allowing a variation if he were to lose some of the other calibres there are only so many you can shoot at once

    As for BASC I like what they do and what they stand for however I feel that they are greedy with their subs when you can get more for less with other organisations. I suppose they could play on the fact that they are a large organisation with a lot of weight behind them for charging more however if they do not stand up for people when it comes down to it you are as well going with someone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by griff View Post
    My first thoughts were to advise him to talk to BASC, but that soon turned to Sh*t when he relayed the response from them,
    What was the response?


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    I did put a X against you on the council ballot Griff..... but I hope that you will seek more worthy causes to champion than "I demand a more powerful rifle, cos the bullet drops too much beyond 2/3/4 /500 yards....."
    Why else would a .308 not be more than adequete for shooting deer unless we're looking to "overextend" our respect/ sporting perameters and take up "deer sniping." Not something I want BASC too condone.

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    2002 Firearms Law Guidance to the Police
    Chapter 13

    7mm is not the problem since the guidance table in the link on page 77 declares it as suitable for deer in black and white and also look at section 13.25. The problem might be as has been mentioned, the other suitable calibres of similar energy which then doesn't support a 'good reason' to get that calibre. If he was told it is too much gun that's rubbish and he should quote the data from the table on page 77. The Firearms office has to go by the guidelines but sometimes with a blurred interpretation.

    Maybe it needs some more discussion with the firearms office and a letter clarifying there position.

    Check the info here:

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    I am aware that BASC here in Northern Ireland have been helping quite a few people out and they seem to foster a positive approach with the firearms people rather than a confrontational one. Different situations require different approaches but it is worthwhile to consider that the confrontational one is not always the right one.

    The firearms people are all hiding behind this "oh that's not how we do it here..." line and every approach to them seems to involve this line popping up somewhere. It might be nice to have a nationwide agreed statement of the application of the current law as it sits. That way we would know where we stand, and we would know which areas we need to fight them on. The peicemeal approach the various police forces take make it impossible for BASC to effectively fight them as there just isn't enough cash or enough time in the day to fight every police force on every mad "oh that's how it's done in this area" type restriction they come up with.

    So, I think charging headlong into battle with the police, while good for the few who might benefit from it, might be a misdirection of resources. What we need first is a firm statement of the regulations to be applied by each and every police force. The we need to fight these regulations where they are not fair to shooters on a nationwide basis so that one victory benefits all BASC members. They've played divide and conquer and we first need to resolve that situation before rushing into battle.

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    Ok let's go through this firstly David please tell what makes a large calibre?

    In British terms none of those mentioned are large and in fact are classed as Smallbores .22 is a Miniture bore. Under the British system .45 as in .577/450 is a medium bore. It's about time the loonies working in these licensing departments and the police themselves got it throught their thick heads that they are nowt by Civil servants and as such should act in a civil way and serve US the ones who are paynig their wages . If it was not for us then they would not have a job so it's also about time they learnt what the job entailed and that means learning about firearms and calibres and ballistics. After it's what their paid to do so bloody find out about it and if they can't or don't want then get out!

    This damned large and high calibre came about with Blair and Co's butchery of the firearms acts and the banning of handguns since then as we know armed crime has skyrocketed and Millions of out tax money was wasted. many iof the handguns handed in went missing yet it seems no police or anyone else involved were every charged with the thefts of even losing them. As for calibre it's size of bore and diameter of the projectile, i.e bullet in rifles, not what cartridge the rifle chambers.

    We won't go into the Expanding Bullet debacle in this thread that can be saved for another .

    As for BASC well they do seem to have got more limp as the years have passed and I am no longer a member having dropped it a couple of years ago

    Now if someone is safe to shoot deer with a high velocity rifle that meets the regulations and laws does it matter which calibre rifle he uses? What makes a 7mm more dagerous than a 6.5mm or a .270"? I ahve the situation where I can shoot a certain .270 Winchester chambered rifle yet 3 other .270 Winchester rifles are deemed too dangerous to shoot so I can hold for Collection purposes only depsite the fact that such a condition is not right in law. Surrey when i lived down there just listed the calibres they meant cartridges that I could use to shoot deer but Lincs list the rifels by serial number.

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    Before I join the lynch mob I'd still like to know what the exact response was from BASC (i.e. without chinese whispers/embellishments that might have occurred along the way).

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