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Thread: Deer antler for sale ?

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    Deer antler for sale ?

    As the title says I'm looking to buy deer antler and was wondering if anyone had any for sale? Also what is the going rate at the moment for hard red deer antlers by the kg ? I know many of you get large quantities of antler and I would rather give the money to people on this forum.

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    I normally sell a st of antlers on eBay for around 150 for an average 10-12 pointer, more for bigger ones.... I have a set in the garage if you want them.
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    I have been approached a number of times by people buying antler. Quite recently again. I have been quoted 17 per kilo for A grade Red and 16 per kilo for Fallow.

    Seeing as each dog chew is about 6.00 to 7.00 a piece its not a lot of money and I will keep what I have got at the moment as I can get more per set to hang on the wall than what is offered to make dog chews.
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    I too am looking to buy antlers .It doesn't matter what size or quality, I want to use for making a piece of furniture ( don't laugh I know it sounds daft ).
    Singles or pairs , any species wanted .Any condition.

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