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Thread: Fox Raid

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    Fox Raid

    Just visited one of my Larsen traps to find it empty. A fox had pushed the sprung lid down and grabbed a fresh caught magpie and in doing so had slid the top to the decoy open a couple of inches. He must have grabbed the decoy as it tried to squeeze out in panic. The clip hinges and my string had slid along creating a gap. Will now secure the lid on all my traps on three sides with string.
    Last year we were lamping one night on a friends estate where he runs about thirty Larsens. Picked up a fox on the lamp and shot it, it was actually trapped in a Larsen,he will never live that one down.
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    Be glad it was only a fox, we had an early rising badger stove in the side of the Larsen here last year. Made a right mess.

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    I have had two foxes in Larsen's weighting patiently for me, it was in the same trap I had set on the ground, as I was not planning on leaving it there for long.

    The first time the decoy was rather disturbed to have a fox sat next to it, the second time it was just sat calmly on the perch with a smug look on its face thinking know what's going to happen to you mate.

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    piss on the corner of ya traps , keeps foxes away

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