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Thread: Open FAC renewal and permissions

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    Open FAC renewal and permissions

    Quick question.

    ive had a search but can't find any answers....

    just about to renew my FAC, and at the moment it is "open" I.e. On land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot. Should I need to provide permissions along with my renewal? The app/renewal form suggests so, however because my cert is open, does this not remove the need for permissions?

    I'm sure a few of you have been in the same shoes?

    thanks in advance for any replies!

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    You still need land to shoot over or booked stalking as i understand it or if your a member of gun club and have access to a range.
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    If you want to shoot on land for vermin, fox or deer, then the answer is yes, because you need to show that you have somewhere to shoot, or the good reason for having that firearm or firearms for those purposes isn't met by you. You don't need to include all your permissions if you have a few, just one that fulfills all the reasons, usually your main one.
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    That makes sense. Thank you both.

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    The rule is that you have to show "good reason" for the grant or renewal. That means being able to show, at least, that you have land over which you can shoot, which holds or has the possibility of holding the species you have put as your reason for holding. Of course, that means you only need one permission to show good reason, so none of this "informing them every time you get a new permission" nonsense.

    As said above, booked stalking can be used to show good reason for an appropriate rifle as well as having a permission to shoot over. The HO guidance also states very explicitly that you do not have to have unfettered access to the land, so if you can only go on there one thursday a month, or you need to ask the landowner for permission each time you go out, that can still be considered as good reason to hold a S1 firearm.

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    Your nominated piece of land also has to be cleared for the calibres you wish to shoot, regardless of the fact that your FAC was previously open.


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