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    Custom Gun Parts

    Before you read this please know that I have no links with the company below but feel that it could be useful for others on here, if its not allowed thn please remove.

    I was looking for a .308, I was planning on a HOWA with 10 shot magazine, the alternative was a tikka, but they did not do a ten round magazine. I was doing some research and came across a newly released tikka T3 CTR. My local dealer looked into it and told me it would be at least 6 months to back order it. Guntrader showed one in stock-but half was across the county.

    After some correspondence a price was agreed ( less then I thought it would be and I was given the option of a free picatinny rail on 0,5, 10 or 20 MOA as well as a custom bolt shroud if I wanted them). RFD costs changed and TNT were not giving a quote so John said he would be able to drive it down to myself if I was able to wait a few weeks but I decided to visit him to pick it up as i had a range day coming up.

    I packed my .22-250 as well as I was planning on visiting a range to make the trip more worthwhile. He opened the show up for myself and also showed me around his work show. A huge space with multiple CNC machining tools. He explained that he manufactured custom gun actions for high end and accuracy companies, made rails and other parts for guns and basically if you wanted it he could make it.

    He took a genuine interest in my shooting, made a good cup of tea and on discussing my sako was keen to have a look. He asked about the lack of a moderator protector and I explained that the awkward thick varmint barrel and 5/8x24 thread meant it was proving difficult to get a thread protector. He offered to confirm the threads and measured it up. He agreed on the thread and had a look but didn't have any in stock but offered to make myself one for free.

    This arrived in the post today as promised. Machined from aluminium, really light and then anodised. It is a perfect fit and is much appreciated.
    He is able to make picatinny rails to fit most rimfire and centre fire rifles, so instead of sticking a generic one on your gun it might be worth asking what John can do and if he can make it to your spec. He CNC machines both alluminium and steel.

    his contact details are
    resolution precisions firearm components
    He is based near Doncaster

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    Top service, I've emailed him regarding some bits I want done

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    if you want a custom action for a build and dont want to wait 18months then John is your man i know 3 shooters who have rifles built on his actions and they rival most American actions.

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