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Thread: Sheep in Argentina?

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    Sheep in Argentina?

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone hunted sheep in Argentina?
    I`ve been invited out in August to shoot a Mouflon hybrid ram and do some wingshooting, not sure what to expect from the big game side of things...

    Any advice gratefully received!


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    Well there are Welsh in Argentina, so as they say where there is smoke.....

    Try here for help in all seriousness.

    or (But Have not used them)
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    Thanks for that Welsh Guy, I will take a look.


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    I had the pleasure of doing a 6 month stint in Buenos Aires in 1996. Had a sniff around while there and it seems the main game is Red deer which were imported about 100 years ago and local stuff like chasing down Puma with horses and dogs (dogos argentinos). Wild boar with same dogs but only going in with a gauchos knife to finish off the cornered very pi**ed of boar, must be good for clearing ones the lower intestine I would have thought. Also Guanacos (type of wild Alpacca)
    There is an Argentine magazine which is 30% hunting 30% fishing plus offroad stuff. Their market of folks with spending money for sport is much smaller than Europes.
    Just found this also.

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    Thanks a lot,

    Did you do any hunting/fishing there yourself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shavesgreen View Post
    Thanks a lot,

    Did you do any hunting/fishing there yourself?
    I was invited to shoot some perdiz birds so off we went on a Sunday from Buenos Aires in the companies Ford mondeo, we drove for two hrs and then my workmate brings out a .22 pistol and we stop and he starts just plinking at the birds on the ground, missed them all, then I get this thing given to me and hit the first one through the head (still got the feathers at home in a jar). he calls me maestro.
    Now up rolls a police pickup and the copper starts gabbling away at us in Spanish of course "me no comprendy" and my workmate says we have to follow him to the nearest village where they both go into the cop shop, half an hour later all seems ok and we can drive off. How did you sort that out I ask my mate? 25 US dollars replies he.
    Bit unforgettable but otherwise I just did shoot my contender .357mag with an 8 inch long pistol barrel on a 50m range (sneakily imported it mostly inside a maglite) in the "something de tiro" gun club a 8000 members large club located in the middle of Buenos Aires.
    They take your fingerprints before they give you a FAC in Argentina, fabulous beef though.

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