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Thread: Tikka t 3 20inch varmint in 308

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    Tikka t 3 20inch varmint in 308

    Hi can anyone advise me on bullet weights for my 308
    I plan to home load. Tried 150g federal fusion factory ammo with poor group. 123g sako were much better.
    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I think the standard twist rate for a tikka t3 is 1 in 11 so any bullets in the 150-180g should be fine.
    My Tikka T3 shot really well with the cheap Privi 150g SP!

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    i cant beat hornady 165sst or 165 interbond, in mine but see what the rifle likes and then stick to it.

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    I shoot a 308 in the 24 inch T3 varmint, 1/11

    Bare in mind that this rifle has quite a large leape (chamber freebore) and you'll have quite a jump if using 150gr and under. Even with 155SMKs, the jump is close on 50 thou. Some bullets won't mind this at all (like the 123 gr you tried) but some may be less accurate at this jump. I have shot 155SMKs and consistently achieved 0.5moa using a 2.8 inch COAL, but the chambering and rifle shoot better with heavier longer bullets. 168 Amax are very good as are 168TMKs which you can load closer to the lands. Both seem super accurate in the T3. You may have to load singly though if seating closer to the lands, and you will have to work your own loads up.

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    working up a load in my CTR 20" t3, barrel twist is 1:11 and have had good groups out of both 150 grain (.4") and 175 grain (.5"). the 1:11 twist rake should stabilise a good variety of bullets, just matter of finding what it likes.

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    If a short jump to the leade is all so important than can someone please explain how and why the 6.5x55 Swede round shoots so well with bullets in the 100-140 grain weight range and with those bullets the jump to the leade or throat is quite large?

    This is very noticable in the Swedish Mauser as they were throated for the long round nose 156 grain bullet yet I have never heard or read about poor grouping from these rifles.

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    Same as goseany, my Tikka T3 Varmint in .308 groups PPU really well, both SP and FMJ. I know they are different weights 149 and 150 grain? but, both group well, with no apparent difference in the point of impact out to 300 yards.

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    Powder along with bullet weight/style is what you need to know. 46 gr. of N140 and a Hndy 150 gr. SP is giving me outstanding results in my 20" Steyr.

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    Had this problem with the Tikka T3 lite in .308 just couldn't get consistency from it with anything over 123 grain.
    I traded it in and now have the Tikka T3 varmint stainless / synthetic 20" barrel in .308, I have a wildcat evolution moderator and home load using:
    Federal brass,
    Federal GM210 match primers
    44.0 grains Vit N140
    150 grain Sierra Spitzers
    This puts shot on shot at 100 yards from prone off a Harris bipod.
    Hope this helps

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