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Thread: first roe buck

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    first roe buck

    i went out last night with john robson and agreed i would stalk down the side of a wood and half way down there was a ride that i would wait for any passing bucks while john would stalk away from me around another wood and make his way back to a point of meet. after about an hour the wind came in and wasnt in my favour but i hung tight and hoped. next thing i heard johns 6.5 x55 ring out now was it a fox or had he taken a buck . after probably another hour i could hear a noise which i was unshure of but kept quite and waited then all of a sudden i hear a loud bark then another then more but this time on the move . i was all set as i knew a buck was coming then bursting through the brush a doe followed by a buck .they stopped on the ride turned to run and i barked at the buck he spun round to look.he was only 35yrds away with a good backstop and off the 270 round went i saw the doe to the right jump off but never saw the buck after firing. i waited a while then climbed the gate reloaded and moved to where he was and lying in the thick grass was the buck checked his eye with my sticks and he died on the spot. lovely rich red colour with two straight tines i bent down to drag him off when down the side of the fence john arrived hey up he said and turned round to show me a buck hanging out of his roe sack result two in one night.we took a few pictures in the fog that rolled in sorted them out and off home with my first buck chuffed to bits and thanks to john the deer had been less than a hundred yards of me all night grazing and on his way back pushed them to me john might just post a pick for me as they where on his camera thanks for reading,wayne.

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    Congrats, the first of many. Robbo does it again, well done to you both. FM.

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    Well done Wayne ,

    i expect it to be boiled & cleaned up for display at the meet on the 16th !!!



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    Well done to you hopefully more to follow

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    thanks guys im well chuffed ,waldy i should be able to get the head ready in time see you on the 16th,wayne

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    Well done mere, to you and Robbo. Now you have the bug, prepare for a life of expense and obsession!

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    John took my son out on Tuesday morning in the mist. I was just the Chauffeur and read my book. First stalk in the mist they saw nothing. Even moved through the woods and the Rooks wouldn't stir. We moved to another location, dropped them off, and I moved to pickup point and settled into my book. Kept checking in the 0600 mist (stalking started at 0415) and saw two Does grazing 200M away whilst sat in the truck. Next a 4 point buck stepped out of the wood 50M away and straight back in. After 3-4 minutes he came back out and with a cursory glance at the vehicle strolled off along the tree line and stops to scrape and thrash every 75m 'til he went out of sight. All this within 15M of a now busy road!

    60 minutes later Robbo and Duncan turn up having stalked onto a 4 point Buck, zig zagged it on a hedge and ended up on a 6 pointer BEHIND them!

    Two guys plus one dog on a flaky wooden "bridge" and a slipped stick just a trigger squeeze before....... Buck vanished into.....

    There are plenty of deer there. We struck up the truck and a Doe gets up in the hedge line 150M away!

    Cafe for breakfast and looking forward to my next trip with Robbo, this time I'll have the rifle.


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