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Thread: Good value 30-06 Ammo near west London?

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    Good value 30-06 Ammo near west London?

    Hi Gents as above I'm just wondering if anyone knows who's the cheapest with some 30-06 hunting ammo in my vacuity (Ealing West London) I'm not looking for top of the line just something good value that will allow me to fire some rounds down range at the running boar targets next weekend without breaking the bank. I have a feeling I'll get through a few trying to nail Mrs piggy.....

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    I live in Ealing too and there are precious few gunshops here... If you're heading to the BSRC, William Evans in Bisley are well stocked with stalking ammunition but it won't be cheap. Given that .30-06 is popular with classic service rifle types, it could be that Fulton's hold some surplus FMJs.
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    I'm actually heading to Corinium range so I might see if there is any place en route that might have a better selection. Don't really want to use FMJ rounds as I'd like to use what I might actually use if I get the chance for real. I was thinking about some PPU Ammo, I've used it happily before in other calibers and reckon it's good bang for my buck IF the gun likes it.

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    PPU 180 soft point is quite popular among the local population of pig shooters in Croatia, that's if they can get their hands on it, as availability fluctuates over there as it does here.

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    I've just found some of them rounds a very short deviation from the range and at 14 a box I'll definitely be pick up a couple of hundred for myself.

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    Daunstey guns are not too far from Corinium relative to your London trip. They have a clear ammunition listing on their website.


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    It was Dauntsey Guns that got my ammo supply of PPU in, they didn't have it in stock at the time but got it in for me very quickly.

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    Thanks for that it is Dauntsey guns where I found the ammo. Now I just hope the rifle likes it

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    It is certainly good enough for driven Boar at the ranges they are normally encountered.
    The brass is good for reloading too.
    I am fortunate in that my Remington .222, Blaser .243 and .308 and my Browning 30-06 all seem to like PPU of various weights so I am one of the lucky ones it seems.

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    I had a 700 in .308 and it would print inch groups all day with PPU ammo so I'm hoping the Tikka won't be fussy

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