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Thread: Rer Deer drag tray recommendations ???

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    Red Deer drag tray recommendations ???

    Have a deer tray as per picture for extraction, but find it a bit narrow and centre of gravity a bit high.
    When dragging red deer over sloping hilly ground they are prone to tipping out of the tray, which is very aggravating.
    Any recommendations for a more suitable tray, (wider and longer) which would be suitable for red hinds / stags?
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    600ltr IBC tank and cut to size great I use 1 and can't fault it

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    Thanks for the reply. Do you need to re-inforce the end you are pulling from, or is the cut down iBC strong enough in itself?

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    Have a look on Bushwears site at there long sledge. Might be of use.

    BushWear Deer Drag Sled Olive Green

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikasako View Post
    Thanks for the reply. Do you need to re-inforce the end you are pulling from, or is the cut down iBC strong enough in itself?
    I ran a section of 2x1 on the end I was pulling from on both sides of the plastic and drilled the wood and made a drag strap/rope. I keep the tray in r keep all the time as I find it great for keeping everything clean. N ul get 2 out of 1 tank it's best I tray I couch
    Ld get as only have reds on my permission. Ps mine just has rope like a handbag handle idea on it and a put black water pipe on it so I dnt cut hands on ripe. An if I want to just use body to drag out the I sit round my waste and still comfortable. I not good at up loading pics but il try get sum if I'm being unclear

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    Thanks Tam,

    Had a look at these Bushwear ones previously and they look a bit flimsy.


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    Thanks .308

    Sounds like a great idea.

    Thats me on the lookout for an IBC now!!!

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    This is the one I now use for recovery of big reds after dragging a plasterer's bath around:

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    It's excellent in use and a good price (60 euros) from Frankonia. The only addition I've made thus far is a rope bridle located with QR pins through the towing points to make winching into the truck or remotely from the hitch or a tree/fence post easier, (Superwinch Winch-in-a-Bag) and I'll probably add some HDPE runners to the base when I get the time, (it has the locating tracks already moulded in). They have an number of accessories, (cover, quad towing bar), other sledges and recovery (bergehilfen) items on there as well.

    Minimum order value is 100 euros (very easy to achieve if you browse the website! ) and carriage to UK is 9.95 euro flat rate - no import duty or vat as they are EU based - and ordering online from the webshop is a breeze.
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    [QUOTE=sikasako;1099686]Thanks .308

    Sounds like a great idea.

    Thats me on the lookout for an IBC now!!

    I got a couple from a guy in Broxburn for 20 for sleds. He had loads. If you are going through that way I can give you details unfortunately I don't have phone no. So you would just have to turn up.

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    A kids orange snow sled works just fine and I can find them for free over here at the recycling site after the winter is over.

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