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Thread: Trip to the Doctors

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    Trip to the Doctors

    A bloke goes to his doctors and says that he's got a problem with his backside, so the Doc' tells him to drop 'em and bend.
    On inspection the Doc' finds a 10 note stickin' out of his arse and pulls it out, then a 50 appears.....this goes on for a while till finally the money runs out.
    The bloke says how much money was up there Doc'?
    The Doc' replys 1990....
    Ah! says the bloke, I thought I wasn't feelin' Too Grand!

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    Oh dear Ratswhiskers, I am pleased that you have posted for the first time and welcome to the site but really!!!!

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    Hi Andy.

    I've been lurkin' on here for some time, but thought I'd drop the bombshell that I'm here in and appropriate manner



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