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Thread: Any idea what for?

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    Any idea what for?

    I have been given these Lyman aluminium grips, I have never cast my own bullets but wonder if they are something to do with that?
    Look like a .38/357 size but with a threaded part on one grip.
    Any help on what they are or if you need them would be great.
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    Surely the Lyman 310 is a loading tool? There are special dies for them so they are not only for priming. If I am wrong no doubt someone can let me know. Used to have an old handloaders Digest with these in but must have lent it to someone as cannot find it here or I would check.

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    Cheers chaps!

    That's that one sorted.

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    Yes, indeed, a reloading plier, from back in the day of cast bullets. You could carry your tool, dies, primers, powder and mold in your saddlebag, melt some lead in a ladle over the campfire, and make up some .45 Colt cartridges for your Peacemaker and your 1892 saddle gun.

    I bet Muir has a drawer full of them.

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    good one Southern, I hope he doesn't read this thread!!!
    Do you think anyone still uses them? They came from a friends father who passed away and had a load of .380 rimmed brass, bullet moulds and other bits which I still have.

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