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Thread: Can anyone identify these mounts ?

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    Can anyone identify these mounts ?

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	68545As per the title I am unfamiliar with these mounts. 2nd question is are distances between the mounting holes standard ?

    i want to fit weaver style bases to be able to swap scopes over with QD rings to save the hassle of rezeroing.

    To the curious it's a TT Proctor in 7x57!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Umm I'm inclined to say that they are much better mounts than a Weaver style (strong, attractive and windage adjustable). But that's showing my age and prejudices.
    Leupold or Redfield perhaps, both use the same system.

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    Looks like Leupold to me.

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    T T Proctor, a real Gent, & a Highly skilled craftsman, wonder if he's still working ... Remember his tiny little workshop hidden away in Wilmslow.
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    Leupold with rear base having windage adjustment to give full functionality to your scope windage adjustment.

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    Thanks for the replies gents. I think Leopld do QD mounts.

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    Leupold does two styles of quick release mounts:
    1. QR, which is their bases with a socket and lever on the base.

    2. QRW, which fits a Weaver, Warne, Picatinny, or Leupold cross slot base. Those have the lever on the rings.

    The QR are nice and slim. The QRW are heavy steel and stout. I have used a set on a .375 H&H. No movement and back to zero, on and off.

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    Thanks Southern, I must take a look at their website.

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    Have a look at my previous thread 'what mounts are these'

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