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    Roe Bucks

    I will be motoring northwards following the weather front later today, looks like a very nice sunny gap developing for Sunday/Monday, here's hoping Lady luck is holding hands with Hern
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    Good luck to you.
    Went up to my spot on Thursday all ready for a good day on Friday. Took a yearling doe Thursday evening then from first light it rained or should I say lashed it down. I stalked all day only having a break for mid morning bacon butty & change of clothes, then break for afternoon lunch & change of clothes as light fell the rain hadn't let up and as I was sleeping in the car I decided 3rd change of clothes and home. I saw 6 does on on Thursday and not a single deer on Friday

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    The weather gods allowed me some decent breaks in very light rain, getting out early, leaving the motor well back waiting for enough light to move forward, unusually absolutely no air movement for this place,I chose to go to a spot where I have been lucky twice before, Bingo! dark shape feeding eastward back towards safety,A few minutes later as I followed him in the bins, enough light arrived, one loud bang from the old Finnbear, & a four point in velvet down, covered the shot site through the scope but no sign of him, ... went down the bank to where I had marked the site against other objects, nothing, NADA!, alien abduction?... after a square search over the area TWICE, Still nothing, I'm beginning to wonder if I had imagined the body strike sound that always comes back, a hint of white over my left shoulder, the poor chap had taken a bang flop dive straight down a burn slot about eight inches wide & the grass had closed over him, managed to get a drag rope round a hock before my wellies sank too deep.

    Funny how we spend so much time looking for Does during their season, but when the Bucks are in you have to avoid the Does in the car while they stand in the centre of the road till last minute .Attachment 68613Attachment 68615Attachment 68614 first pic is near useless, I tried to get a shot of where it fell in the burn slot, third one, really no idea why these things go sideways or upside down.
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