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Thread: Go anywhere policy on the FC leased land?

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    Go anywhere policy on the FC leased land?

    Found the time to go and check my trail cams on my FC lease, ahead of the buck season, and to my surprise i got loads of footage with people walking the dogs loose in the woods, nowhere close to any foot path.

    Called the FC ranger and asked if i'm allowed to put up any signs to make them stick with the paths and i've been told that the FC operates a ''go anywhere'' policy on leased lands.

    Any thoughts?

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    I think all FC land is open access. Is this not made clear to leaseholders? I would have thought that it was a pretty important detail. Surprised your cameras were still there when you went to check them to be honest.

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    Yes this is correct, Open to roam policy.
    I stalked in Thetford for years. Had families with dogs walk towards the highseat I was in.
    You just slip away unnoticed and become part of the forest !
    Expect people to be on your ground at any time of day. Just because you are up at 3am in the summer does not mean someone won't pop up out of the bushes !

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    Dog number one appears to have a notion that he needs to be visible.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Yip, the most you can do is signage on the entrance gates to highlight when entering area. (That's if you have them of course)


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    Welcome to My world, I stalk over the Border in Scotland, its privately managed forest but people come and go as they please. Put any signage up and you usually find that normal law abiding citizens suddenly become "Wanton Vandals" over-night. I've now accepted it comes with the territory I'm afraid. Most have some respect for the land, however there is always the few whom actively go out there way to be awkward and disruptive. I've passed the time once or twice sat up an high seat daydreaming of a rampaging "Sika Stag" exiting the tree's and "Mincing" the same!! He wouldn't be culled by Me that's for sure, rather a sack of "Turnip's" out on the ride the day after as a thank you
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    A few years ago we were culling hinds in Glen Lyon when a snow storm blew in. We retreated back down the hill to seek shelter and sit the storm out. A short time later one of the many 'yellow jacket' wearers that frequent that area strolled by, intent on climbing to the top of the hill. The stalker called him over and told him it wasn't safe to go any further due to the weather. " This is the last day of my holiday he retorted and the last chance I have to climb this Corbett before I go home, a little snow has never stopped me" and of he stomped. About 15 minutes later, a soaking wet, shivering, sheepish looking walker tried his hardest too be invisible as he passed us by heading back down the hill, certainly made our day!

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    People walking about is just something you have to deal with nowadays. It's a real pain and not very much you can do to stop it. Put signs up and most folk will ignore them.

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    FC land is public land and public can go anywhere.

    In Scotland the Scottish Countryside Access Code goes further and gives the public a right of RESPONSIBLE access almost anywhere.

    I was out with an FC ranger in a Borders forest one night a few weeks ago when he was lamping roe (under licence). 11:30 at night, 3 miles from the main road, snowing (lightly) and a mountain bike came road the corner!

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    Thanks, chaps!

    Is pretty clear now, all i can hope is they'll get covered in ticks lol

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