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    Help / advise needed

    Ok a bit of a long one but feel if I give some history to the issue someone may be able to point me in the right direction.
    I have a 2 year old Weimaraner bitch and have so far taken 8 roe deer with her in the last 12 months.
    I started her from a young age tracking by dragging skin then blood drops and feet, reducing the amount of blood and leaving the skin for an end find. Started with Red and moved onto Roe. The dog did very well and I was well pleased however I have let this training laps a bit recently.
    Now out stalking her wind scenting is awesome and she is picking up the deer upto 500 yards away easily.
    So we stalk, she scents, I read her action, sit her down, scan with binoculars and shoot or plan a final approach stalk.
    A few times I've shot and let the dog go, she runs in grabs the dead deer by the throat and holds it, I'm happy with this approach and it payed off a few weeks ago. I shot a doe which ran, she caught and dragged it down. Ok a good heart shot but she did well. Then I shot another, neck shot, while I was tracking a second in the scope the first tried to get up. The dog was in and held it well.
    Now the problem.
    This Thursday I was on my permission having a look around so I was there for the start of the Buck season, Friday morning, with the help of the dog I saw 6 does, and although still in season I had no intention of shooting does. However the dog was becoming frustrated scenting and watching with no prize!
    So I took out a yearling at 150 yds that was with 2 others. It ran into the woods and light was starting to fade. The dog ran on and I saw her enter the wood where the deer had gone.
    When I got there no dog & no deer.
    I examined the strike site lots of hair & lots of heart / lung blood.
    I gave the come back whistle and 30+ seconds later the dog returns out of breath no blood or hair so she hadn't found the deer.
    I put her tracking line on took her to the shot site and off we went. Into the wood, head lamp & torch now needed.
    Still a good visible blood trail in the torch light but very dense pine woodland.
    Probably a mistake here I knew from the amount of blood loss the deer could not have gone far so I let the dog loose and off she went like a rocket. I continued to follow the blood and found the deer 10 yards away under a tree.
    By the time the dog returned I'd dragged the deer out of the woods and started the gralloch.
    This is not the first time she has ran past a dead deer she did it once last year where I could see where the deer dropped about 200 yards away but she ran round in circles without finding it.
    Any advise welcome.

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    My GWP's often go after one of the ones that have not been shot at, leaving me with the task of finding the dead one or waiting until they come back. I had Neil's Sondergard out stalking with me and mentioned this. He says that when training the dog, if you get a situation were a deer has run away take the dog to this area on a long line and when the dog shows that it is going to go after it give the dog a command(NO) and pull it away.

    There has been the odd time when the dog going after the more "sporting" live one has paid off though. One morning there was 2 red stags in front of me and they were clear of each other, so I shot the closest 1. The other one ran a short distance into the trees. So I went up the bank and there was 1 very dead stag, the GWP done the usual lock on to its neck. I finished gralloching and noticed the GWP put her nose in the air. I thought ah she,s going to go after the other one. Told her NO but she dived into the trees and suddenly there was a commotion as a red stag came out with the GWP holding on. The shot had went through the 1st stag and must have came out at an angle and hit this 1 too. I would not have known this if she had obeyed me, so sometimes a head strong dog pays off

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    Possibly gone too far too fast and the dog is expecting a chase rather than a track,that could be one answer so go back to basics to get the dog to follow the track .
    another reason could be that you have taken no account of the wind direction and that your girl is on the air scent and again is too keen to chase on until the scent disappears.An HPR is a more complex dog than lab or blood hound(big sweeping statement) again go back a few stages to let her consolidate the information she has.
    Two years old is very young .

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    As kit says to far to fast I would not let a young dog run in to soon after a shot you will just make it unsteady.
    Go back to basics stalk without a rifle and make the dog walk to heel letting it see deer run off and when you do shoot a deer do not let it find everyone.

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    Both my GWP have at one time or another over shoot when they find dead. When I've attended tracking training days I have had it explained to me that it's because they get over loaded with scent at the carcass when they have been following an thin old scent. Another explanation I have considered is that they blink the carcass because they want to carry one running around looking for stuff. Lastly it could be because they haven't been trained to do when they get to the carcass. What I am going to try when I get round to it, is train my dog to do something - probably to bark when she gets to the carcass - anything to get her to know that the job ain't finished until I know where the deer is.

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    Thanks for the replies. I do think in this case it's all about the chase. Out without rifle over the past few months I've encountered 4 very accommodating roe. As there are many dog walkers in the area the roe don't tend to run at first sight of me and the dog. We've spent many an hour stalking them (no rifle) dog steady, sit wait, track after they run and so on. Just out with the rifle when you think everything is falling into place she goes and does stupid things leaving me pulling my hair out.

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