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Thread: CORNWALL Roe buck unguided stalking

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    CORNWALL Roe buck unguided stalking

    I have some Roe stalking for someone with DMQ level one or greater. 75 per outing ( I will do guided or unguided stalking) All stalking from high seats. No trophy fees. 50 extra for follow ups or missed shot. I have seen some lovely six pointers and clean.

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    Thanks to tonyrentokill for your right up. well done you are good company and you will be placed on my Fallow syndicate place list. Nice when it all goes to plan.woodfordfallow

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    That's a good price.wish I still stayed in Looe. Moved back to Scotland years now

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    ? just a Q if one of the party has dsc1 other has been at as long but has not ,would you allow both to shoot from high seats? reason being I would like to come but only I have dsc but pal who feels its only a bit of paper has not but has all the skills needed .
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    Hi Paul I could do guided for your mate. I do agree with the bit of paper but for insurance trained hunter puts me in the clear to a point. I would the safety checks with high seats. PM for more info. woodfordfallow

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    thanks feller just emailed me pal ,be back if he is cool with it all .

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    I would be interested if you could PM contact details please?

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    Josh Clark. Novice stalker and gentleman. well done under pressure who shot his first Six point Buck with me this week.Lovely evening watching Roe for two hours then one Buck walked to shot. I do hope you enjoy our county and some of the locals ?. woodfordfallow
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    Cant thank Woodwardfallow enough my first six point buck being a complete novice to have someone with his experience, knowledge and patience by your side is great. From the minute we got out of the truck we could see deer and once in the high seat we counted at least 7 good bucks and after 2 hours of watching it was all over in a split second thanks again hopefully be out again soon

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