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Thread: De lisle rifle

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    De lisle rifle

    A friend of mine has just purchased a Delisle .45 acp for using on the range and targets on his own land. we were having a conversation about it and wondering if there would be a call for a similar type of rifle to be used for deer culling and management if you could get it on a ticket, due to its low decibel levels would it be of use or not, maximum accurate range is @ 200 yds. It isn't something I personally would use but what do others think, your thoughts please.

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    You'd need to hit 1700 ft-lbs which means high bullet weight and a definite departure from 45 ACP. Accurate range may be 200 yards but trajectory is rubbish so really needs plenty of familiarisation. Again, you need high bullet weight to hit the 1700 ft-lbs, 675gr@1065fps does it.

    Many wildcats designed to do this, mainly 50 cals. Mine is a .585" and is discussed in this section a couple threads down.
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    Notwithstanding the legal energy issues I think you'd be better served by a 300 blackout
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I can't see it will ever make the legal energy limits to be honest but I did wonder about one for discreet fox control......? How accurate is it?

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    Hi Greener Jim, yes spotted your thread after posting this ,very interesting on the bullet weight etc. Srvet we are going to put some rounds through it later this coming week if the weather permits and will let you know how it goes, I like the idea of the discreet fox control, apparently the decibel level is between 70-80 decibels so don't know if that is quiet enough.

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    I shoot a lot of 45acp but wouldn't consider it for deer past 30-40 yards -even from a rifle.~Muir

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    I've owned 2, one in .45 ACP and 10mm. They are great fun to shoot, especially out to 200 m. You can shoot, put the rifle down and look through the spotting scope before you hear the bullet hitting the target. With a bit of practise and load development I was able to achieve 2.5 MOA at 200m.

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    Sako and Lapua make factory .308 Subsonic. Arcs like a rainbow but lots of fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    Sako and Lapua make factory .308 Subsonic. Arcs like a rainbow but lots of fun.
    Or just make your own with a little help from trail boss !!!.
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    Nice for targets and plinking, but to make deer legal at sub-sonic velocities you need to be launching summat about the same weight as a house brick.
    Let's face it; even in noise sensitive areas, one single flat bang from a moderated rifle isn't going to cause any kind of furore.
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