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Thread: Rifle Sling

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    Rifle Sling

    Looking for a sling for a Sauer Rifle, eBay has some great slings but unless you know exactly what is like its a non runner.

    Any good slings out there what i need is a sling that can be adjusted quickly .'

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    z aim pro light adjustable and doesn,t seem to slip about as much for me anyway ,moray outfitting
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    Thanks mate, got a Z Aim last week week very impressed.

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    I have two of the z aim pro stalker sling, its a good set up, but beware the clip that connects the main sling to the chest section/pistol grip section ( connects on pistol grip ). I have lost 2 clip ends now when its disconnected to take a shot. There is no stop on the webbing and the clip can drop off even when connected correctly. Other than that its a good setup.. Also the clips are from the USA and so far unable to be sourced over here.. z-aim have not yet provided replacements or indicated they will.

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    dave do you mean the small section with a loop on, mate,,,as that would still be attached around the grip,unless you forgot about it and left it dangling any length of time then it might fall off, not sure i just use the main sling as normal unless i need both hands, then i put the chest strap on,

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    Looked into these. They look great. Thanks.

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    Yes, its the section of webbing with the loop to the pistol grip. The plastic snap catch clip on the end of this section, where it connects to the main sling, can slide off when the its been undone to take a shot. To be honest all it needs is a small modification to the end of the webbing, with a double fold of the webbing and a couple of stitches of the material to prevent the catch section falling off the webbing end. I contacted Z-aim over the issue, they were interested and wanted photos, which I supplied, but I have heard nothing more regarding catch replacements.. pity as the overall sling is good and the chest section is great for hands free when walking any distance, its also comfortable in this mode.

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    Triumph Dave - Z Aim do provide spares. Its hard to put this without seeming to be sour grapes at one extreme or trumpet blowing at the other; so hopefully those that know us can confirm we are straight players!

    There are two Z Aim recognised direct importers into the Uk - us and one other. Possibly there are other routes. When we started in earnest with Z Aim we asked two main things -

    1. Please put a fold or stud on the end of the chest strap piece to stop the clip sliding off if someone leaves it unattached.
    2. Can we have some spares

    Z Aim had never had either request from any distributor before! But supplied spares upon request - which we hold on hand and as several people at Kelso can attest, we will supply to folk who directly purchased their sling from us. On #1, they are still dithering over the design implications, so we recommend either putting in an eyelet, a blob of silicon or folding over and glue/ taping the fold. Not ideal, but all things considered, not a major bug bear on a 30 sling ( referencing the op - the standard Sauer badged sling is circa 75 and its 'just' a straight sling ).

    Alternatively, we suggest reclipping the strap if you are not immediately reusing - takes a second and helps keep it out of the way.

    We've had no unanswered/ unsorted contacts regards spares, so I'm assuming T D purchased the sling elsewhere? We're a small outfit and to be honest some of the bigger players have gone out of their way to make life hard - no names/ pack drill. We simply aren't in a commercial position to pick up their customer service issues - especially as 'pricing' has been part of their strategy ( not just talking slings here ) - its easy to drop prices to rock bottom when you offer zero support/ follow up. In addition, and feel a bit churlish saying it, but we aren't inclined to want to either.

    I catergorically know that any retailer that acquired stock from the UK distributor ( we are also listed, but do not trade supply at this time for practical reasons to respect the other supplier ) can contact that distributor and they can obtain spares from Z Aim within about 7-10 working days providing stock on hand. We do and try to make sure spares are on hand.

    Now we end up caught in a dilemma because we think Z Aim is a great product - we sell it because we used / use it - and feel an obligation to support the brand that has been supportive of us. mats and the crew at Z Aim are some of the most helpful people to deal with we've encountered 'in trade'. I'm sorry but we cant cope with making this general - but if TD wants to PM with his address I'll post him out the spare. It may be he did buy from us and just hasn't contacted, in which case, its no problem in any event.

    Hope that helps.

    Rather than trying to corner Z Aim sling sales, I'd much rather purchasers pressed suppliers to give good service - because the trade is suffering as a whole from pricing wars on the internet and from the one or two mega retailers. We see it at every fair - and look how trader numbers are falling. When you get a dozen people a day come to try a product, take advice and then ask you to 'write down the exact model number so they can think about it' - never to be seen again! It gets a bit depressing. But the bung it out the door retailers can never compete on service - not because of margin, but because they dont understand the word!

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    Post crossed with TD - note he contactd Z Aim direct. Not sure why he got that response from them. Although they do scratch their heads at spares requests because no other country asks for them - the Swedes are very puzzled about what we're doing with the slings! But they should have done a better reply.

    I will mention it next time I speak with Mats.
    Stalking, Courses, Gear - Moray Outfiiting Website here - Welcome
    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
    See you at the Stalking Fair, Scone & Moy 2017

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    Hi Andy, thanks for your post. I very much appreciate your open and direct communication.. thank you.. I did indeed purchase one sling directly from z-aim, due to limited stock availability at that time in the UK.

    I will PM you, I will happily pay for the parts/post needed.. The z-aim sling is a good product, but found the clip issue happened twice on different rifles within a week, ( should have learned the first time it happened, but after checking the 2nd sling it seemed totally secure? ) so I thought worth while mentioning on this forum. Interesting that as a direct importer you had found and recommended a very similar fix to z-aim.

    Rgds Dave

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