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Thread: 7mm cases wanted for my collection please

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    7mm cases wanted for my collection please

    Hi All
    i am after some 7mm cases for my collection please
    7-08, 7x57, 7x64, 7mmbr ETC anything standard or wildcat in 7mm
    i am more than willing to pay for the cases and P&p or put a donation in
    a charity box H4H ect
    I do have a small amount of cases that I can swap aswell
    thanks again

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    7x33 - bet you ain't got that one!!!
    pm details

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    All posts replied to via pm
    here is some cases that I do have for swaps
    6.8spc , 6.5x55, 243win, 7.62 mod, 6mmbr, .222 rem

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    7 rem mag?

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    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    I could send 7mm-08 free of any charge. Just PM address


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    All posts replied to via pm
    thanks to all for your help

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    Anyone got a 280 British case ?

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