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Thread: Blaser R93 Catastrophic Failure

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    Blaser R93 Catastrophic Failure

    I have heard a rumour that another R93 has failed causing life changing injury to the user.

    Has anyone else heard this or can you put some more meat on the bones of this?
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    Where have you heard that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    Where have you heard that ?
    thats the problem with rumour, the souce is often not known. regards sbm

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    I think you are referring to the guy who reloaded using pistol powder? It didn't end well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wills View Post
    I think you are referring to the guy who reloaded using pistol powder? It didn't end well.
    Which occasion was that? Not the recent one in Portugal or?

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    A while back in Finland. I've not heard about any recent events.

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    I found you this:

    March 7, 2013 at 11:12 pm #8217

    Two years ago one accident happened with a R93 in Madrid. We have not an official explanation of that accident, but psicosis did spread out and many hunters changed their R93 and bought R8 guns. We have not still an official explanation but extraofficial voices say that what it happened was that one shooter using remington safari grade ammo in bad conditions fired a 7 mm RM. He misfired and the bullet, probably due to the bad condition of the powder, stoped inside the barrel. The shot sounded like a good shot and the shooter fired the rifle again being the barrel ocluded. The bolt blown up and it went to the maxilar bone of the man and he was seriously injuried.
    Today psicosis is going away and the interest in R93 is growing up. Many of us think that R8 is too much heavy as a mountain stalking rifle, his bolt is not so smooth and there are complains about his accuracy, when the accyracy of R93 was never an issue. Many hunters are coming back to R93, but Blaser is interested in make R8 a best seller and, for example in Spain, is difficult to get an R 93 barrel. Blaser has increasd the prices and i must wait a lot of months. Is the way to make weak R93 and stronger the R8.( end )

    but we bolt guys are not out of the woods :

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    There was the remains of a Tikka T3 action in a gunshop in Lincolnshire the action was split in two where the barrel screws in. A poor handload was the reason for this I was told. If it can be done then some idiot somewhere will manage to do it.
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    From what I can make out, and stand to be corrected as my German isn't anywhere as good as it should be but;

    Nothing conclusive as for the reason of the failure at this time but mention of it being unknown whether factory or home loads were used (Police source in article). Blaser basically quoting the pressure testing that the rifles are built to withstand etc so early days.
    I'm not a Blaser user as just don't like and can't get used to the action but any mechanism can fail at some point and every firearm manufacturer will no doubt experience it at some point.

    I remember reading (when I was purchasing a Sako), that Finnlights had issues due to steel in some of the 75's and had failed under pressure.

    Either way there's next to no chance of compensation if home loads were used I would suspect.

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