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    Blaser mount

    Quick question for Blaser owners , I have mounted a Zeiss diavari on 30 mm rings ( after market) after a quick look down the bore to get a rough idea , then wind the wind age somewhere in the ball park. I have now ran out af windage going to the left. Something I never encounted on other scopes I have put on this rifle.
    Got me thinking that the 30mm mounts that I have put on the base are not in alinement with the rifle bore, or is it the scope? Anybody else have this problem , any info would be appreciated
    Blaser mounts being one piece there's no room for adjustment.

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    This happened to me on my AR 15 straight pull

    Later discovered it was as a result of putting a moderator on it (wild cat).

    Seems the mod threw the POI so far to the left I could not get back on target

    You using a new mod by any chance?

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    Hello john thanks for reply , no mod Attached

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    You say after market rings? Is this a genuine Blaser mount and rings? If it is all genuine, give them a call. Never seen a duff genuine mount and rings yet. If its not genuine, I can almost guarantee thats where your issue lays. I have seen a few issues with the Contessa stuff.

    Come and visit us for a Blaser or Mauser fitting, get the right rifle for your needs.

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    HME the original mount is blaser, I purchased after market rings and attached to the original base, I did think the rings might be out of alinement , I think I will buy a set of blaser rings to see what happens , cheers chris

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