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Thread: SGC Mistake, worried!

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    SGC Mistake, worried!

    Evening all,

    I've had my SGC since 2013, bought an AYA No 4 in 2014. The RFD accidentally put the wrong serial number on my licence (only one digit in a 6 digit number mind). I asked them to change it on my cert which they did. I then put the correct one on the letter to the Thames Valley Licensing dept (I think), they must have put the wrong one down... my licence was getting very tatty indeed and ripped so I sent it in for a replacement. Just received my replacement but it has the wrong number on. I've just emailed them asking what I should do but I'm a bit worried about getting into troub.

    How worried should I be and what could the consequences be?

    Many thanks!

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    If you informed them as soon as you got your cert back. Then its there error and you have informed them of said error, I wouldn't be worried the feo will need to send you a new certt out with the correct serial number on.

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    It's just an admin error eigher the shop originally or the FLD if you have the shotgun and a original sale / transfer paper work and that is correct to the shotgun then they should change it

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    I know of someone, who had a model number on there certificate . He owned the gun for Óll most 8 months .then his renewal , check to be done and the feo seen the mistake . This was from a rfd to rfd transfer. So I would not worry . All was rectified

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwanttoshoot View Post

    How worried should I be and what could the consequences be?
    I shouldn't worry about it overmuch if I was you.
    When I applied for my 1st FAC the FEO came and did an inspection etc and checked my shotguns as well - and found one that wasn't listed on my license at all! I'd lent it to someone years before, and completely forgot to notify when they returned it.
    "No problem" said the officer, "I'll add it to your SGC now". So he did. No slapped wrists or anything like that.

    I think FAC / SGC holders worry too much, on the whole. Life's too short for fretting about minor stuff like a wrong digit on a SGC.

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    Perfect, thank you both. I definitely worry a lot about staying on the wrong side of plod in terms of licensing things. I suppose it's best to be over cautious than not but they must all sigh when they see my email address pop up again!

    Thanks for your replies, forever putting my mind to rest...

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    I had, still have, a 16 bore Manufrance on my SGC that for years, and at least one renewal, was serial 28E. Now 28E was the model number, but the only visible number on the gun unless you took off the forend.

    So lazy Weller & Dufty....had it "booked" as 28E. And that's the number on my SGC. For at least ten years. But as I was thinking of having on a EFP I advised my licencing authority.

    At the subsequent renewal the correct serial number was verified from the forend, barrels, action and entered on the renewal application and subsequently issued SGC.

    There was one "notorious" SGC, supposedly, that had a gun as serial "729" entered on it. And no not an urban myth!

    It's an admin error, poor stamping, poor eyesight, but not an offence.

    Same as many FACs have "Lee Enfield" for what is really, strictly, Long Branch, Savage, or most often Fazackerley or BSA that in WWII was a mere code. PF or M47 or M47C.

    Mauser 98K rifles are even worse! All "Mauser" when many not even made within hundreds of miles of the actual Mauser factory.
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    Exactly this! A couple of months ago my shotgun cert was renewed. Whilst doing the usual checks with the FEO - this is the Beretta, where's the number on it, uh oh, it's different. It was one digit wrong. It had most likely occurred because the gun shop owner that I bought it from has writing that looks like a drunken spider writing on the Titanic as it went down. No harm done. Just changed it and that was that.

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    As has been said, it's purely an admin error, and nothing to worry about.

    A few years ago, I bought a Webley/Scott 410 bolt action shotgun. All notified, etc. A year later on a FEO visit, he checks the serial number and finds it has been recorded wrongly. So he corrects it on his notes.
    Five years later, when he does his next visit, the official record was still wrong. So he corrected it on his notes again.
    I wonder if it'll be right next time ?

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    All sorted Thank you very much for all your replies - being sent a corrected certificate and all I've got to do is return the wrong one on receipt of the correct.

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