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Thread: CZ 452 Silhouette . 22LR - Scope - sound mod - 3 magazines. Hardly used.

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    CZ 452 Silhouette . 22LR - Scope - sound mod - 3 magazines. Hardly used.

    Mods, I hope you don't mind me posting this on behalf of my elderly father who isn't too up to speed with IT. Please remove my post if unacceptable.

    My Father is selling his almost unused CZ 452 .22 rim fire 'Silhouette' model with composite stock.

    He has owned the rifle from new and has only fired about 100 rounds through it whilst plinking in his garden.

    Rifle comes with

    3-9x40 Edgar Bros scope with lens covers

    non branded 'Birmingham Proof house' stamped sound moderator and thread protector.

    'Butler Creek' padded sling

    3 magazines - metal 5 round, composite 5 and 10 round.

    Slight scuff to windage cap from gun cabinet. As photo

    2 slight marks to stock. As photos


    If interested please message me and I shall put you in contact with my father.

    Buyer must have both slots to acquire rifle and sound mod on FAC.
    Face to face transaction only.

    Rifle located with my father in Wiltshire.
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    Posting update, my father will also be selling his Brattonsound 5 gun cabinet once the rifle is sold. I believe it is the RL5 Sentinel Plus model with the throw bolts and single key. Anyone interested please message me and I shall keep you posted once the rifle is sold. thanks
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    Can you rfd? I'm a ways away...

    apologies, didn't see the face to face only in there. I'm keen if rfd is an option though
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    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks Nick for your interest however, the RFD option isn't available.

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