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Thread: Remington SPS SS 7mm Rem Mag

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    Remington SPS SS 7mm Rem Mag


    I have my 7mm Rem Mag for sale which is factory standard and in very good condition and has been screw cut M14 spigot by Mike Norris. Price is 550.00.

    Kind regards,


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    Evening Tim I'm interested in the remmy can you send me a contact number if poss so I can give you a call about it please

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    This is still up for grabs Gents.

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    Does anyone want to give this a new home?

    Kind regards,


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    Still here Chaps.

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    Weekend bounce. This rifle will shoot 1/2 MOA at 300 yards.

    Kind regards,


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    This is still available Gents.

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    Bank Holiday bounce.

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    have another mty
    7mm is a cracking bullet better by far to most BC bullet for bullet weight out there, its a hard hitting cal and they shoot like a laser

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