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Thread: Muntjac Surprise

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    Muntjac Surprise

    No, not a new type of after dinner delicacy.

    With work being so busy at present i've found myself working all hours and most days of the week. This week was no exception but after leaving the office at 1825 on Saturday I was rather looking forward to getting out on Sunday morning. After a months hiatus the alarm went off at 0500 although I awoke to a sharp kick from my wife at about 0505. I'd prepped the night before I loaded what little kit I was taking in the car. Had a coffee and let the dog out.

    I arrived at the farm around 0525 and was walking in complete darkness, under good cloud cover and a favourable wind, to the high seat. Given the terrain, fairly flat, the chance of being able to take a shot off sticks is very limited and therefore the best strategy is get into the seat undercover of darkness.

    Watching the world wake up is one of my favourite things. This highest has been a successful spot recently having taken a nice buck in late October, a doe in November and two further doe in early January and another in February.

    Today I was on the lookout for a buck I'd see in February which had great head on him. The High seat sits in, and above the hedgerow separating two fields. It stands at 4.5m to the rail and rotates 360` which is great as in front of the seat is a wood and behind is a hedge where I've shot the last 5 roe.

    Naturally I was glassing all around the hedge and beyond only occasionally turning around to look at the wood line.

    I turned around in the highest and immediately saw movement on the wood line. Bino's up: Muntjac Buck trotting away from me.

    I quickly flicked open my sight covers and got my crosshairs on him. A quick whistle and he paused. after the shot I reloaded and watched him through the sight but he lay still. After about 5 mins my heart rate had slowed and I made my way over to him. No reaction.

    Que a very big smile. It was so good just to be out early in the morning but this buck was a bonus. Fairly old, plenty of wear on the teeth. Decent antlers and brow tine of about 8-10mm and a fairly long tusk. To top it all off, after I'd got back from dropping the beast at the chiller my wife had cooked me a full english including my favourite additions of fried chorizo, mushrooms and black pudding

    Below is a picture of him:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MB 3-4-16.jpg 
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    Here is a picture of the Roe Buck from October:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RB 18-10-15.jpg 
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    All the best,

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    very nice wright up J, well done ATB Davie.

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    Nice one. Is that a Remmy VSF with the muntie?

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    Great write up and congratulations on the super buck Jimmy.

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    Thanks, still smiling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    Nice one. Is that a Remmy VSF with the muntie?
    Hi Border, it's a Rem 700 VS. the barrel has been shortened to 20" and fluted, not by me though. It is pretty light and very pointable. I have another in 22-250 but it is the original 26" barrel and a thinner HS stock. Nice to have the same actions. Timmy triggers in both. Took a while to find the .308 in left hand.



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    very nice well done on a great stalk and write up. regards sbm

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    Well done mate great write up and a fantastic Buck muntjac and very nice roe,I got my first buck on Sunday I've mounted the scull and hung it on the wall already Click image for larger version. 

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