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Thread: Interesting Facts on gun crime

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    Interesting Facts on gun crime

    Very interesting stuff just where the uk figure in world stats for gun crime .
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    I consider that suicides with firearms should not be included in the ''violent deaths'' figures quoted by the antis, after all swallowing a bottle of asprin will achieve the same result [allbeit ''non violently''] & if someone really wishes to commit suicide they will do so, use of a firearm is merely a method of choice & not the reason for making that choice.
    Switzerland [the highest % of households holding firearms] appeared high in the table of firearms related deaths, yet homicides constituted less than 8% of that total, eliminating suicides from the data & the figure was quite low in the league table. Also why was the same year not utilised in each case? was a degree of 'cherry picking' going one to suit the data to the desired result?
    Lies, damn lies & statistics....again.

    Regards, Tyke.

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