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Thread: Exterior paint inside porch?

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    Exterior paint inside porch?

    We have a porch around the door to our house, it gets a bit bamp and despite fitting a heater it still gets mouldy and the paint continualy peels off, would exterior paint stop the problems or is thier a superdooper paint that someone knows of?

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    Exterior paint should be OK but make sure that it contains a fungicide. I'd also wire brush as much of the old paint as possible.

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    Try opaque wood stain, Crown, Dulux Johnstone Sadolin etc

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    Dulux Trade Mouldshield. The eggshell finish is washable more so than the matt. Assuming its a condensation problem rather than water ingess or damp brickwork it will outlast anything else. The existing mildew will require washing down first with fungicide or pissed out bleach.
    Good luck

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