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    Fabrique national

    Evening anybody have experience of these rifles ?? I know they are Belgium and have done some research but wanted to know what people thought ??
    Many thanks

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    Usually of excellent quality. Highly thought of and collectable in the US as I understand it. FN did a lot of military contracts in South America for Mauser 98 type rifles.

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    Do you know the vintage of the rifle, and the chambering / caliber?

    Soon after WWII, FN got their factory back from the US Army. It had been seized by the Wermacht and used for them. Then the U.S. captured it after D-Day and sorted things out.

    FN began producing high quality rifles for Browning ( Safari, Medallion grades ), and for other brands. And they sold some of their own rifles. (Be aware that their 8x57 was an 8x57I, .318 bore.)
    They began selling their actions through Brownells and other distributors, to custom gunsmiths and hobbyists.

    Paul Jaeger, of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, sort of led this use of the FN actions. He built very classic American hunting rifles, to his catalog stock and custom.

    A more exotic builder, Winslow of Camden, South Carolina, used the FN Supreme action for most of his rifles. Many of his were magnums, and wildcats, which later became standard factory offerings, like the 7mm-06, .25-06, .33-06, .35 Whelen.

    The actions alone are worth $500.00, but both these builders, and others, used premium barrels, like the Douglass XX air gauged barrels, so they are good shooters. Lots of optional safeties and triggers fit them. They are strong, and smooth as glass.

    I own several custom rifles built by these and more recent makers, on the FN Supreme action.

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    It's a 25-06 , I think maybe 1980 s ,

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    Is it an FN rifle ( stamped on the barrel ) or an FN action?

    Next, is it a commercial FN action, built into a custom rifle, or built by FN for a retail store name? Who built it?

    Or, is it a sporting rifle built on one of the many military rifles built by FN, such as the 1924 Mexican Mauser in 7x57, or the Venezuelan contract 98 Mauser ( Hmmm, would love an FN-49 in 7x57, the last 8,000 of those were never delivered, and were sold by FN to private dealers).

    Does it have the three position flag safety, or the later two position side safety?
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    I've an FN built Mauser in 404 Jeffery and it's outstanding slick action feeds beautifully and accurate for a big bore then you fit the claw mounted scope and it gets better.

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    Scrumbag has a really beautiful commercial FN in 9.3 x 62. It really is a beautiful rifle with a gloriously smooth action.


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    Southern pretty much has addition.

    Is it just any old Mauser 98K but with Belgian proof marks? My .280 Remington is pretty much that. Strip it down and on the bolt root it speaks its heritage. An eagle and "hooked cross". So where it was forged? Who knows. But we know for who.

    So it's Belgian "built" as a .280 in the 1960s, proved in Belgium in the 1960s, but that doesn't always make it an FN. But in another way that's more satisfying. I glory in the fact that a tool with which the Nazis thought they could oppress Europe is used for the mere pleasure of the son of one of the generation that stopped them.

    If only it could talk...but one thing it says, load and clear, THEY, the Nazis, in the end, didn't win. And somehow in the 1960s in Belgium, at the bench of a Belgian artisan gunsmith, it became a .280 sporting rifle.
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    I have a few FN commercial customs: 6.5x55, 7x57, and 257 Roberts. Excellent quality.~Muir

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