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Thread: Bisley Pavillion kaput!

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    Bisley Pavillion kaput!

    The NRA have ended the lease early at the Bisley Pavillion.

    Accomodation not available for foreseeable future.

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    Bisley Pavilion returns to NRA Management
    We have today accepted the early surrender of Shaun Hopwood's lease of the Pavilion; the property is now the responsibility of the NRA.
    We are working up plans to bring the Pavilion to the fore for shooting at Bisley which will include exciting opportunities to develop new facilities for our members and visitors.
    Plans are progressing well to reopen the hotel accommodation in the next few days; all bookings need to be confirmed with the NRA Accommodation Staff prior to arrival. Arms fair traders and other regular users should contact Chris Dyers, Commercial and Operations Manager, to discuss their requirements.
    For Bookings and General Pavilion Enquiries email Chris Dyers 01483 797777 extension 180
    For Accommodation email Diane Sawyer 01483 797777 extension 135
    Andrew Mercer
    Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

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