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Thread: Lapua brass quality control.

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    Lapua brass quality control.

    I've had some boxed Lapua 6.5x55 brass on the shelf for some time until l had need for it, normally, the brass is only in need of a small trim and they're ready to reload, the ones l opened today were a different kettle of fish, they were between 15 and 28/1000 too long and didn't look right, after some more work with the vernier, l decided to full length size them, l had to do the lot, l also opened the second box, they were the same and got the treatment as well, after the sizing, there was still a fair bit to trim off, but that can wait till tomorrow.

    Anyone else had any brass as bad as mine?
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    Not Lapua, but I bought some Winchester .308 a while back and around 25% of them wouldn't chamber. I ended up resizing the lot.

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    i always run fresh brass through the fl sizer -why not?

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    I have always had to fl resize Lapua. Also find a lot with dented necks. Primer pockets also very tight. Hmmmmmm. Need to think why I keep buying it.

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    Never had any trouble with nosler custom, straight out of the box, but I will admit to being a little disbelieving with the first couple of batches.
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    I have noticed that Lapua 6mmBR brass in the newer plastic blue box is not as good as the brass in the old packaging.


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    No, I can't say that I have ever had a problem with Lapua brass. Saying that though ..... I have a brand new, unopened box sat in my cupboard which might change my opinion. Lets hope not.

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    Assuming that they are within spec, I would trim the after first firing.

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    Have no issues with .308 or .223 Lap brass. Had some MEN which was awful, and quite rough and brittle with just two firings (trimming left jagged edges), and some PPU which wouldn't chamber from new, but touch wood, no problems yet with both standard and Match Lapua.

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    same here Ian-i have 2 boxes of -gold box 6br brass and a new blue-the blue necks are a little thinner and primer pockets are not very consistant. a
    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    I have noticed that Lapua 6mmBR brass in the newer plastic blue box is not as good as the brass in the old packaging.


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