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Thread: schmidt and bender pm11

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    schmidt and bender pm11

    hi, dose anyone know were I could get hold of a Schmidt and bender pm11 p3 recital, I have tried every were on the internet that I can fine thought someone might know


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    schmidt and bender pm11

    I've just bought one for 2200 still in the box!!
    5-25x56 p3 ret illuminated with warn mounts!
    What's your offer?
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    thanks sharp shooter but I'm not after one with such a high magnification

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    Got a PM2 3-12x50 P3, FFP, double turn turrets, sunshade.... mint in box as it came back from the factory after a re-tube (bought s/h in Apels.... took them off to find a crimped tube!! so off it went and cost me an arm and a leg for the privilege of being daft at that point in time)

    Send me a pm or email if thats' of any interest to you



    just sent you a pm with links to pics
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    Might know of a 3-12 - I'll drop you a PM when I confirm. Feel free to PM me if sorted or want more detail.
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    There's a 3-12x50 PMII on eBay currently
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    thanks to every ones help but I'm now sorted with a scope

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    I have one for sale with the Schmidt sun shade

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