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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm sure the mods will move if they need too. Just a quick post to say that I am new to stalking really but been involved in field sports for many years mainly game shooting and falconry. I used to post on a simalar falconry forum but found that was going down hill fast and most posters were being ridaculed and "shot down" excuse the pun by most people. Some of these people/posters were new to falconry and just needed some guidance and help from some like minded and in some instances more experienced people.
    Any way I stopped posting there a few years ago. Having now found this forum all I can say at the present is that the folk on here seem very nice and decent people (at the moment at least) and have helped me with all questions asked.
    So thanks for that and I look forward to watching and possibly contributing (where I feel I can help) to the forum and the discussions

    thanks again.
    Regards Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle f View Post
    the folk on here seem very nice and decent people
    If anyone doesn't fit that description they get culled!

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    Any trophy fee's to pay????

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    Just about everyone's description of a 'perfect' forum. My experience is that 'mostly' SD is the most intelligent and considerate forum there is available. There are some people who will eventually fall to a moderated shot.

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    Seems ok at the moment. With all forums it is about personal opinion however I think that some people(generalising) forget they were beginners once. I have been flying birds for many years but still freely admit that I learn something new with regards to falconry most days

    regards Steve

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    Its usually the old green eyed monster that lets them down!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Its usually the old green eyed monster that lets them down!!
    Yep seen that many times mate

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    Most forums now has the usual clowns with idiotic comments which usually has nothing to do with the topic. This forum so far for me is a bit more savvy

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    Uncle f. Where are you in Surrey appox may have something for you.

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    Hi Uncle f, as forums go it does seem pretty chilled here and the people seem knowledgeable. I'm effectively new here, although I've been lurking in the background. I'm also from the Surrey, Kent Boarders. Been shooting my .22 Rimfires for a while and am just about to get a .243, for which I have had the slot for a year.

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