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Thread: on a much lighter note... we heard our first Cuckoo of the year today

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    on a much lighter note... we heard our first Cuckoo of the year today

    It's well late but today we heard the first Cuckoo didn't hear one at all last year around home that is yet a few years ago we had them in the garden . Nice to hear. Makes a change from the Peacocks calling and the parrots squawking. and not they're not ours.
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    Sorry bud,but that wee thieving,annoying little sh*t can naff of to Africa where it came from anytime soon!

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    been here in central scotland for at least ten days....

    must like the warmer climate . not ha ha


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    Heard the first cuckoo here (Doncaster) on the 27th of April. Heard the first Nightjar last night.

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    Well it's cooler out here on the coast obviously even the Daffodils flower later . It seems that Cuckoos eat furry caterpillers so they can't be all bad. The Blackbirds and Thrush young are near full size we have found two dead by the conservatory where they try to fly through the glass .

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    there has been a cuckoo on one of my permissions for at least 3 weeks id never seen one before but always herd them i saw my first one whilst digging a new flight pond the weekend before last they seem to be getting later every year which probably dosnt help as most young birds are fledged by now

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    had the little ba@@@@ds in staffordshire for 3 weeks now. must like our company.

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    Heard my first on Monday....Didnt hear any last year either so was most welcome

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    we hav had cuckoos around us shouting since about 2nd week of April,a week earlier than last year if my memory serves me right
    as for peacocks...........

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    Heard my first of the year in St Davids at the weekend @ 4.51am!!! when will they make soundproof tents

    Nice to hear though

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