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Thread: .22 50gr blitzkings, 6mm 100gr pro hunter, 6mm 87gr Vmax , N160

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    .22 50gr blitzkings, 6mm 100gr pro hunter, 6mm 87gr Vmax , N160

    300 6mm (243) 100gr pro hunters code (1540) £70

    Vmax sold
    368 .22 (224) 50gr Blitzkings code (1450) £60 SOLD

    quarter of a KL of N160 £10 sold

    all pick up from Berkshire between reading and Newbury
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    I'll take the N160. PM sent with contact details. Phil

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    Do you get any further south or longmoor range? Or the chichester area? As I would take the blitz kings.

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    Sorry Johnmcface
    i don't get down that way at all

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    No worries, thanks for getting back to me. Good luck with the sale.

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    Hi, whereabouts is pick up as work in Theale? Thanks.....

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    Vmax and the open box of pro hunters sold to the man above pending funds

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    Thanks Paul, nice meeting you today and bang on with the vmax and pro hunters!

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    Ditto mate , and you have my mob incase your at a loss one day you know I am only down the road
    sorry we couldn't chat a bit more but with the road works I had to get back to making a living

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