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Thread: Queen Vics present to her keeper

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    Queen Vics present to her keeper

    Just looking on AOL and and headline about the queens gift to her keeper and friend! comes up,click the link to find them calling it a rifle when the picture clearly
    shows a hammer shotgun. when I tried to tell them to get their facts right my post seemed to have trouble being posted,o well. Wondered if anyone else has seen this

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    A, who cares,

    B, it says is a .450 double rifle. It's got express sights so I'd hazard they are perhaps correct....
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    okay superior knowledge thank you

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    It was a Christmas gift from Queen Victoria to her confidante and possible lover, John Brown in 1873. It is indeed of course a double rifle and is being sold at Bonhams with an estimate of 40,000 pounds.

    Who cares? Well I find it mildly interesting, but who cares and how much once it goes under the hammer we can only see then I guess.

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    If you have an interest in historical Scottish firearms there's a good
    collection coming up for sale in the forthcoming Scottish sale in Edinburgh.

    Bonhams : The Scottish Sale from lot 184 onwards. Click on 'view e-catalogue'

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There's an ad at the back of the catalogue for the Victoria/Brown firearm & it's a rifle.

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    Another weapon we can't legally now use...thanks to the input of BDS idiots into deer legislation in the 1960s.

    The .450 and .400 double was the classic "small bore" rifle, for deer, of that time in the Highlands.

    There's a lot, nowadays think these, and the early black powder express (.450/.400 2 3/8") were "big game" rifles. They weren't. They were deer rifles in fact.

    Big game rifles, then, started at 12 bore and went up through 10 bore to 8 bore. The book "Gun, Rifle and Hound" from 1880s is a good reference to this period of transition in weapons.
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    I care as well , and , as Enfieldspares points out , it's a shame that these rifles are deemed inadequate for deer by some beaurocrat . To be honest , they are probably some of the finest stalking rifles ever built , I find it sad that they won't be used for the task that they are so perfectly designed for .


    PS Don't worry about mis-identifying the double , it's an easy mistake to make .

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    Quote Originally Posted by motomo View Post
    okay superior knowledge thank you
    No I just didn't look at the picture, I read the first paragraph which explains it....
    and I didn't mean it to seem quite so snotty, but the press getting things wrong is hardly a new thing, and on the scale of getting it wrong that would figure pretty low.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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