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    Hello all to everyone in the stalking directory land. I'm starting my journey into deer stalking having recently completing a Pre DSC 1 Course in Humberside before my DSC 1 in Devon. Really enjoy being out in the country and have a keen interest in field sports in general. Im currently going through the process of obtaining my FAC and looking to maybe experience some more stalking in Wales, England or Scotland. Obviously would also like to get a place on a syndicate of some description too sooner than later. Look forward to hearing from you all.

    Breaker Morant
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    Welcome to the site. Sounds as if you have recently caught the bug. I admire your enthusiasm and hope you keep it. However don't be too disappointed if you are not over run with syndicate offers. Most will require that you have dsc1 and at least be working on level 2. In order to do this you will need to have more experience of stalking and carcass handling. I would suggest you enjoy taking a few stalks with knowledgeable guys, opertunities will come up if you have experience and the right attitude. Good luck.

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    Welcome to the site,

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