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Thread: Refused ammunition

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    Refused ammunition

    I have just got my variation back with the condition to shoot deer and AOLQ with both .243 and .308, I have the slots to have possessed at any one time 250 .243 EXP and 250 .308 EXP. All good so far.

    However, I have just been declined ammunition because there is no clause on my FAC to "purchase" EXP ammo only to possess it. Does this sound right?

    Have left a message with my firearms team but not holding my breath on a quick response. I really wanted to get the ammunition in time for a bit of practice before my DSC1 with Malcolm Friday.

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    The new style FAC only shows possess, so it's the larger of the 2 numbers that you'll have had previously of buy and possess. Just means you can buy up to your limit in one go

    When you say "declined" ammunition, do you mean that your RFD wouldn't sell you any? If so, he/she should know better unless yours is the first of the new style o land on their counter!
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    Thanks for the prompt response.

    Yeah that's what I though but the gun shop weren't having it. I have left a message with the FAO and emailed but in the meantime do you have anything on your cert "allowing" you to purchase?

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    Yes declined. I chose the ammo, they filled in their book and when they went to enter it on mine they said I couldn't have it.

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    the possion allows you to purchase up to your specified limit. I think your RFD does not have a lot of work because somebody must have been in to buy ammo with the new style ticket

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    Funny enough I was browsing the guns while he was serving someone else (as you do) and he was having a similar argument with the previous customer although I didn't pay too much attention to it. While I wait for the FAO to get back to me I might ring the gun shop back up and ask if he is aware of the change on the new cert.

    Out of interest how long has this change been in place? Is it a recent thing?

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    You would think a shop in this trade would be well up to speed with the changes, obviously not in your case, that must be a little frustrating.

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    I had a new style ticket about 8 months ago

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    Yes it was to be honest. Maybe they don't like my face! They are a busy shop after all.

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    Yeah they must have come across this in the last eight months!

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