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Thread: Puzzle we did not see a single Buck but loads of Does.

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    Puzzle we did not see a single Buck but loads of Does.

    Just returned from a small area 400 acres Soft wood island plantation between 700 to 1500 metres from the next blocks depending which side your on located in the borders.
    All the trees are about 8 years from harvesting maturity and we managed to stalk all day yesterday due to the Roe does feeding through the day mainly due I suspect to being heavily pregnant.
    Now here is the puzzle we did not see a single Buck following a doe or anywhere else. this area has a very healthy population of does really good numbers and when I was there 3 weeks ago I did see Bucks.
    Poaching is not easy on the ground. I have never seen this before in the time I've been shooting roe for some time and just wondered if the does at this point early April under certain circumstances mainly the availability of food/habitat push the bucks off because the does still had followers and we did see the does feeding all most everywhere nicely spread in some cases we watched for an hour at a time.
    One other point the weather was wet or windy apart from Tuesday Night which was nice.
    I would be interested to hear views



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    Just came back from a wood where over the last 2 days there have been plenty young bucks in about the does but the older bucks have been chasing each other across fields where I wouldn't normally see them. If someone with superior knowledge can correct me then fine but are the older bucks sorting out their territories about now? Maybe it is just one or a couple older ones pushing the others out and they are in cover being knackered from the chasing? Who knows.

    Or maybe you weren't looking hard enough!

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    I have a bigger problem can't find any roe but reds everywhere!
    3 stags and a hind about 250 yards from the front door.

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    That's interesting 5 weeks ago I was on my syndicate spot in the borders saw 18 roe in total 6 of which were very nice bucks. I shot 2 does.
    31st march I was there again saw 6 does & shot 1 no bucks seen
    On the 1st April not a single roe seen from dawn to dusk.
    Back up there in 2 weeks time fingers crossed as I know there are some very nice bucks about somewhere

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