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Thread: What a great day .

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    What a great day .

    Roe Buck / muntjac stalk.

    Well it was a 0400 get up alarm this morning and once down stairs flicked kettle on and I took a peep out back door and it was absolutely p****** down ! Not a good start to the day , but never mind lets get on.

    Packed the rifle into the truck and started it up to get nice and warm before a drive over to mates place in Worcester.
    On route down the M50 from Ross the rain seemed to get worse and worse it was not looking too good at this time but thought continue on over there as might be dry over there .

    0550 arrived at location and first scan from truck and two roe stood in field grazing away with no worries of me being present. So sat watching them to see if one was a buck .

    On observing the hedge row to my right about 150 yrds away could see something moving in the hedge but not sure what it was . Maybe a muntie? It was a nice little doe.
    Waited for a little bit longer and a fox came walking across the field so got on the sticks and gave him the good news! Lovely looking dog fox.

    I then decided to move on to another part of the estate and gave a walk about , must of walked about 600 yrds from truck and bumped into two bucks stood there looking at me both were very nice looking bucks but both still in velvet. So I left them bimble off through the hedge and then I carried on with my stalk.

    It was turning out to be a lovely morning with the sun beaming down. I then saw 2 bucks with 5 does led up in a new plantation so I stood watching for ten mins and one got up and was looking right at me and then the rest got up and they headed away from me and through the hedge and started grazing out in a grass field .
    So I crawled about 60 yrds to get to the hedge and found a nice little hole to shoot through. The one Buck was in velvet and other was not so got him in my sights and gently sent one his way , lovely sound and down he went .

    After sorting him out it was back to chiller then back out for another look but this time after a muntie. Got to a place that I seen them before and bumped into about three in the wood and off they energy barking away.
    Must of sat there for about 5 hours and then decided to pack up and got for afternoon tea.
    1600 hrs and I decided to go back to the wood Where I seen the munties, I set up on sticks and sat and waited for two hours and a doe and a little one come flying by and went into the brambles. A hour later there was a lovely Buck stood in the reeds but could not get a shot off so let him be and go back in wood.
    I Tx my mate to say they had been giving me the run about and he said there's a hours time of light left so decided to stay! Well what a choice to do that as 10 mins went by and a young buck came out followed by a bigger one , not as big as the one in the reeds but a nice one . So lifted the rifle and got him in my sights and he would not stop. So shouted oii and he turned and a squeezed the trigger and down he went .

    What a great day but a long one but very worth it .
    Sorry if story don't make sense but not best at writing them .

    Hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.


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    Well done! That's more stalking in a day than I manage in a year!

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    Top result and a great read.

    well done ��������

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    Well done mate great pics and great write up well worth getting up early for bazil

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    Thanks guys it was a great day and my first nice roe Buck

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    congratulations on having asuch a successful and varied day! Regards sbm

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    Well done ,what a great day out and a good write up
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    That is an excellent day out! Well done Matt, and yes it does make sense.

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    Hi guys ,

    Went out early this morning for a walk and saw plenty about , so popped home and got rifle to go do a quick check zero and a play with .270.
    Got on better with .243 so took her out again lol .

    This is the result .

    He was grunting away with another buck.


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    Some nice looking bucks there, well done!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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