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Thread: butchery and venison

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    butchery and venison

    just wondered how many stalkers prepare the venison they shoot or rely on the local butcher ect to mince sausage burger joint .
    the last few carcases I've taken and my pals have been turned into the above to furnish the various land owners and farmers with some venison and I've really enjoyed processing it especially the sausage .
    my local butcher gave me some skins and a few pointers and away we went .
    proper tasty and satisfying .
    great if you use the butcher but I'd say give it a go .I'm lucky I've somewhere to process not in the house and a semi industrial mincer /sausage stuffer .

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    I do all my own break them down then when there's enough shoulders and trim in the freezer have a morning making sausages, burgers or meat balls. To me its as rewarding as the shot turning the carcase into as many meals as possible. Over Easter I turned the last roe doe into steaks joints and mince then stocked the bones for a soup on Easter Sunday loads of veg, 200g of mince, diced heart, stock and seasoning really good and no waste

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    As above, it's all part of why I take the shot in the first place



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    What kjf says

    Venison is king .

    Very therapeutic travel mug of tea , radio on & breaking down / processing a carcass ...,
    End result never cease to amaze


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    My mentor showed me twice and I've done myself on the seven carcasses since. I still make a right royal mess, but there is a satisfaction of doing oneself. At some stage I'll save the funds to do a proper butchery course.

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    As someone who doesn't shoot hundreds of deer a year, for me its part of the whole process.
    When I have a carcass it is the raw materials from which I create various meals, be it burgers, stew, steaks or roasts.

    I also enjoy shareing the various cuts with friends, as a way of repaying favours etc.

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    I've had my first two Roe carcasses from a friend who gave me good advice and have processed them differently. First was a yearling buck that I sorted with one knife. Second was a 3 year old doe that I butchered with a saw as well as knife. Common sense and respect for the meat and cuts in relation to impact damage was all I needed and I'm well on my way with this now.

    Used some fillet and loin cuts straight away and some is frozen for bigger family meals, e.g. haunches, and some for sausages etc.

    Whole experience has been a brilliant experience, one which I've waited too long for.



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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm160 View Post
    At some stage I'll save the funds to do a proper butchery course.
    Never had one to butcher yet but that's what I plan to do, save up some cash and learn to do it properly.

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    DIY, every time.

    He that strikes the venison first shall be the lord o' the feast. Shakespeare, King Lear.

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    I do my own as well. It's too expensive to pay a butcher for me, and I get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what I have, and how it was prepared. I use a vacuum packer to package the meat. I also like to make pan sausage for breakfast, very tasty.

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